House rules

Unfortunately, aggression in our practice is becoming increasingly common. We do not tolerate any physical or verbal aggression towards our staff. These incidents will be documented and discussed internally. We will then take the appropriate measures, in accordance with the guidelines of the Dutch Doctor Federation KNMG.

Regardless of your vaccination status, we have certain measures in place to protect staff and patients.
→ Bring a face mask
→ Cancel if you get symptoms (this includes cold symptoms, cough, shortness of breath, runny nose) or if the GGD ordered you to self-isolate.
→ We will not have discussions regarding the government’s Covid policies.

No-show policy
Appearing late or not appearing to your appointment can have various understandable reasons. Unexpected situations will naturally occur from time to time, and we fully comprehend this. However, you it happens too often we will unfortunately have to bill you. Our goal is not to punish, but to minimize the amount of time slots that go to waste.

→ Cancel your appointments at least 24 hours in advance (on business days only), by emailing
Note: This means Monday apppointments must be cancelled on Friday.

Minors below the age of 16, must have at least one parent/caretaker registered as our patient. This parent/caretaker will sign for the minor. If there is a divorce with shared parental custody, both parents must sign for the registration of the child. From the age of 16, they must sign themselves, under the Protection Of Personal Information Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens).

If you change physician or move (abroad), please let us know. This way we can ensure your medical file doesn’t get lost and we can maintain an overview of our patient population. Furthermore, you are not allowed to be registered at more than one practice.

→ Inform us in case you move or register elsewhere.
→ Inform us if your contact details have changed (telephone number, e-mail).