Our practice

Until further notice we can be reached for general calls between 8:00-12:00 only.
After 12:00, we can only be reached for urgent medical questions.

For any other questions, you can contact us easily via MijnGezondheid.net or the app MedGemak.

We aim to provide high quality regular care to our patients, despite the current crisis and the increasing demand for healthcare. Hence, we need to utilize our available staff as efficient as possible, by focusing more on e-health. The vast majority of phone calls at our practice are to request a repeat prescription or to make an appointment. These two things can be arranged easily via our website. Consequently, we will not be making appointments and arranging repeat prescriptions over the phone.

“In this day and age, patients will increasingly take the reins of their own health. Digitization is essential.”

The assistants will have more time for direct patient contact, such as nitrogen treatments, blood pressure monitoring for chronic patients and more preventive care.

To minimize the risk of spreading Corona at our practice, we must abide by guidelines and directives of the RIVM and our national GP association. We strongly urge you to not come to the practice unless necessary.

Phonecall with GP; Online, via MijnGezondheid.net.
For physical appointments, please call us.
For assistants and nurse practitioner, please call us.
Call between 8:00-12:00 (010 – 411 12 07).
Please cancel appointments >24 hours in advance (Monday-Friday) by emailing us at info@hapwijnhaven.nl.

Online, via MijnGezondheid.net you can send a message directly to a specific GP. We will answer you the same or next day. Here are some frequently asked practical questions.

The GGD are in charge of all testing and vaccinations for Covid. For tests and vaccinations, please visit www.coronatest.nl.

If you do not have a Digi-D, please call the the national number 0800-1202 to request a test. This test is free of charge for anyone, and there is no co-pay or deductible. For vaccinations, you can call 0800-7070.

For general information we would like to refer you to this pagethe RIVM and the national Corona information number 0800-1351.