Medical certificates

Are you asking your GP for a medical certificate, upon request of your employer, the school of your children or another organisation? Your own GP cannot issue one. These medical certificates can only be issued by an independent doctor. There must be a clear boundary between the treatment and the assessment of whether you are eligible for certain facilities or services.

To obtain a medical certificate, you can check with the body that requires the medical certificate whether it is sufficient for you to provide your own statement about your state of health. If an assessment is required, you can ask the body that requires a medical
certificate whether they can arrange an independent doctor for you.

Medical certificates about Corona
Now that the country is slowly lifting measures, GPs are asked to assess restarting job sectors. This is not possible with your own GP. A GP’s assessment on whether a treatment is really necessary or if extra protection is needed, is also unnecessary. Other healthcare professionals are capable of making this assessment themselves. A medical certificate stating that a child is sneezing or coughing due to another condition than Covid-19, can also not be issued by your GP.